Sukuh Temple

Very beautiful as a tourist destination, situated at an altitude slopes of Mount Lawu.
With the fresh air, panoramic views and beautiful mountain atmosphere of calm and cool.
Less than an hour drive from Solo, passing through paddy field, tea garden is truly elegant and stunning.

Temple Ratuboko

Located on the hill that is part of the Thousand Mountains. Approximately 2 km south of Prambanan Temple.

From here can be seen elegance Sewu Prambanan and background of Mount Merapi.

In the wake of the 8th century during the House of Sailendra (Rakai Panangkaran) of the Kingdom of Medang (Hindu Mataram).
Has three core units. On the first terrace there are temples and the Temple Burning Limestone.  Burning Temple has two square-shaped terrace that is used for burning corpses.

Southeastward from the burning temple there is the Well Amrita Mantana that means sacred water given mantra.
To achieve the second terrace wall separated andelit must pass through the door at paduraksa.

on the third terrace there are five doors. In the center of this terrace remnants.
There Hall (Meeting Room), Paseban (Reception Room), pringgitan surrounded by a fence with a length of 40 m, width 36 m, and height of 3 m,
Princess (Palace or Princess Residence) and Complex Swimming Baths. with three units or rectangular pond. and 8 swimming round.

The eastern part of the palace there were also Buddhist stupa and two caves, Cave Lanang and Wadon formed from sedimentary rocks
Just in front of the Cave Lanang there is a pond and three stupas. This stupa is Aksobya, one of the Buddhist Pantheon.

Balekambang Beach

Beautiful sea coast with a bluish-green, with white sand that stretches approximately 2 miles along the coast.
Located on the southern coast of Java Island, approximately 65 km south of Malang. Precisely in the district Bantur,

There is a coral island of Pulau Wisanggeni, Island and Island Anoman Ismoyo.

Wisanggeni island has beautiful beaches stretching with freshwater and mangrove swamp plants.

Ismoyo island stood a temple, which are connected by bridges with a width of 1.5 meters.
At the degree ceremony Suro Surohan (Suro'an) and Jalanidhi Puja Ceremony.

Ceremonial offerings or Suro'an float. The event is held every first Sura in the Javanese calendar, is the salvation of the village community events,
intended as a request for a blessing and welfare of citizens.

Jalanidhi Puja Dharma is a Hindu ritual of welcoming the New Year of Saka, with the aim of cleansing the universe alit (microcosm) and the big universe (the macrocosm).
This ritual sequence, similar to the Melasti ceremony in Bali.

Cape Papuma

Forests and coastal tourist area which has an area of approximately 50 hectares is located in District Ambulu and Wuluhan, Jember Regency.

position that jutted into the ocean beach southwest, the waves of Cape Papuma felt quite calm. Sea surface bluish-green, with very fine white sand.

There are also several rocky islands located about two miles from the coast to the middle of the bay.

Around Papuma panoramic beauty of the more beautiful when viewed from Sitihinggil, a tower on the hill at the western end of Cape Papuma,directed the west there are large islands, East Nusa Barong.

At sunset, dozens of fishing boats pull off the look. Their catches of fish krapu, putihan, snapper, mackerel, and tuna, can be directly purchased and burned on the hearth of nature from the branches of dry wood on the beach.

Beaches in Cape Papuma Unfortunately indeed fantastic.

Gedong Songo Temple

The temple is located at the altitude of Mount Ungaran 1200 - 1800 meters above sea level this is very unique. 

The temples are located in Mount Ungaran believed to be Hindu Temple with the invention of the Hindu statues located inside and around the temple site. Among the statues found Ciwa Mahadeva, Ciwa Grand Master, Ganeca, Durga Mahisasura Mardhini, Swara Nandi, Mahakala and Yoni that is in the temple.

Another privilege of Gedong Songo temple is located on the statues of elephants in the squatting position at the foot of Temple Gedong III, and Yoni in a rectangular shape in the Temple chambers Gedong I.

Regarding when the establishment of Gedong Songo temple no one knows for sure, but it is estimated by experts that these temples have been made during the Dieng temple built during the period of the century VII - IX AD during Syailendra Dynasty. It is known from artifacts left behind around the temple site, and the existence of the physical similarities between the Temple and the Temple Dieng Gedong Songo. The second location of the temple which is situated at an altitude mountain progressively increased confidence that the second temple was built on the same period.

The temple is located in the Village Temple Ambarawa district is located just 39 km from the city of Semarang, or just 20 minutes away by motor vehicle in the speed of 70 km / h Entering the temple area is starting to feel the cool air with a typical mountain breeze lilting.

The temple is situated at an altitude of Mount Ungaran is showing incredible natural charm because of its location which is situated at an altitude of the mountain.

In the fourth location of the temple there are hot springs, the temple which is the fifth or last and highest temple site, we can freely look down, even if the weather was sunny in a row we can see from the south side of the temple, namely Telomoyo Mountain, Mount Merbabu, Andong and Mt Merapi volcano.

Maharani Cave

Cave is also known as cave Maharani Palace is located at a depth of 25 m from the ground surface with an area of 2500 m2 cave cavity.

One of the natural wonders such as caves Maharani palace that holds the beauty of nature is more specific and unique above the average of other tourist caves.
Stalactites and stalagmites that grow inside the cave can emit colored light when exposed to light.

Inside the cave there was indeed a stalactite and stalagmite resembling a throne of Maharaja, flora and fauna, the beautiful glow - like a ray manikam quality diamonds opals.

Stalactites and stalagmites and some had been called Linga Pratala (resembles a male penis), Yoni Pratiwi (a vital tool of women), Cempaka Tirta (kanthil flower), Reefs King Lizard (like dinosaurs), Selo Elephant (resembling an elephant's head), interest Roses, banyan trees and various other forms a very unique and beautiful.

Only approximately 200 meters from the beach in the Java Sea coastal resorts of Cape Beetle (now has changed its name to the region Lamongan Marine Tourism), Gua Maharani Palace is one of the caves as a tourist attraction that is very well known in Indonesia.

With an area that is not how much that is + / - 2500 m2, it takes about half an hour to go around by following the steps and paths are built inside the cave and made of cement.