Balekambang Beach

Beautiful sea coast with a bluish-green, with white sand that stretches approximately 2 miles along the coast.
Located on the southern coast of Java Island, approximately 65 km south of Malang. Precisely in the district Bantur,

There is a coral island of Pulau Wisanggeni, Island and Island Anoman Ismoyo.

Wisanggeni island has beautiful beaches stretching with freshwater and mangrove swamp plants.

Ismoyo island stood a temple, which are connected by bridges with a width of 1.5 meters.
At the degree ceremony Suro Surohan (Suro'an) and Jalanidhi Puja Ceremony.

Ceremonial offerings or Suro'an float. The event is held every first Sura in the Javanese calendar, is the salvation of the village community events,
intended as a request for a blessing and welfare of citizens.

Jalanidhi Puja Dharma is a Hindu ritual of welcoming the New Year of Saka, with the aim of cleansing the universe alit (microcosm) and the big universe (the macrocosm).
This ritual sequence, similar to the Melasti ceremony in Bali.

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