Temple Ratuboko

Located on the hill that is part of the Thousand Mountains. Approximately 2 km south of Prambanan Temple.

From here can be seen elegance Sewu Prambanan and background of Mount Merapi.

In the wake of the 8th century during the House of Sailendra (Rakai Panangkaran) of the Kingdom of Medang (Hindu Mataram).
Has three core units. On the first terrace there are temples and the Temple Burning Limestone.  Burning Temple has two square-shaped terrace that is used for burning corpses.

Southeastward from the burning temple there is the Well Amrita Mantana that means sacred water given mantra.
To achieve the second terrace wall separated andelit must pass through the door at paduraksa.

on the third terrace there are five doors. In the center of this terrace remnants.
There Hall (Meeting Room), Paseban (Reception Room), pringgitan surrounded by a fence with a length of 40 m, width 36 m, and height of 3 m,
Princess (Palace or Princess Residence) and Complex Swimming Baths. with three units or rectangular pond. and 8 swimming round.

The eastern part of the palace there were also Buddhist stupa and two caves, Cave Lanang and Wadon formed from sedimentary rocks
Just in front of the Cave Lanang there is a pond and three stupas. This stupa is Aksobya, one of the Buddhist Pantheon.

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