Maharani Cave

Cave is also known as cave Maharani Palace is located at a depth of 25 m from the ground surface with an area of 2500 m2 cave cavity.

One of the natural wonders such as caves Maharani palace that holds the beauty of nature is more specific and unique above the average of other tourist caves.
Stalactites and stalagmites that grow inside the cave can emit colored light when exposed to light.

Inside the cave there was indeed a stalactite and stalagmite resembling a throne of Maharaja, flora and fauna, the beautiful glow - like a ray manikam quality diamonds opals.

Stalactites and stalagmites and some had been called Linga Pratala (resembles a male penis), Yoni Pratiwi (a vital tool of women), Cempaka Tirta (kanthil flower), Reefs King Lizard (like dinosaurs), Selo Elephant (resembling an elephant's head), interest Roses, banyan trees and various other forms a very unique and beautiful.

Only approximately 200 meters from the beach in the Java Sea coastal resorts of Cape Beetle (now has changed its name to the region Lamongan Marine Tourism), Gua Maharani Palace is one of the caves as a tourist attraction that is very well known in Indonesia.

With an area that is not how much that is + / - 2500 m2, it takes about half an hour to go around by following the steps and paths are built inside the cave and made of cement.

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