Maldives, The last paradise on earth

Maldives is famous for its beautiful beaches. Hmmm.. feel like heaven, turtoise green water, white sandy beach, blue sky with bright sunshine throughout the year. Clear water with amazing marine life.

Naturally, if the Maldives dubbed the last paradise on earth. Island - an unspoiled tropical island, beautiful, clean with fine white sand like beads of pearl and coconut trees waving.
Not to mention the charm of the beautiful underwater. It is a paradise for scuba drivers. With a calm sea water due to blocked atoll. Dives can reach 60m. There are many beautiful coral reefs, about 70 species of coral reefs, caves lau, Wreck, sting rays, napoleon fish, Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, turtles, white tip, Hammerhead sharks. And much more. Spread over 250 points site.Diving dive sites that need to be visited are Guaridoo Corner

Maldives offers a relaxing holiday, perfect for beach lovers. Powered by pliers luxury resorts.

Geographically located in the middle Maldives Indian ocean. Sri lanka south. has 1190 islands spread to 26 major islands of the atoll.

Route To get to the Maldives. From Singapore to fly to Male for 3 hours. Arriving in Male stores about 40 minutes to get to the island by speedboat ride at $ 100/orang. Or it Could Also use small aircraft with a price of $ 300 to $ 500 per person. Visas cans be obtained upon arrival for 30 days.
Need about $ 1000 for renting the villa one night. It includes lunch, dinner and boat rentals for fishing. As for the water villas price range of $ 1500 and ocean villas range from $ 1,800 / night.

Accommodation in the Maldives are usually spread over the islands. Usually in one of the island there are several hotels. or just one resort only.

Supported by many standard amenities such as swimming pools, restaurants, discos, lounges. There are also sports facilities like snorkeling, scuba dving, canoeing, banana boat, and jet skiing.
Some hotels also arrange trips like a romantic dinner on board, ride submarines, fishing, the fishing village as well as tours to the islands around which are uninhabited.

Maldives is highly recommended for honeymoon couples, married or diving. Wonder if Maldives dubbed the last paradise on earth.

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