Plengkung Beach

Have a beautiful panorama, known as G-Land. With big waves suitable for surfing water sports (surfing). 

Especially in the months of May through October. The waves at this beach, great for surfing arena, after Hawaii.

The beach that has sand colored yellow, spherical and about 2.5 mm in diameter known as a sand shot.if walking on it will feel a different feeling, and as if being sauna, warm, lebut, stretchy and comfortable.

The atmosphere of an unspoiled forest around, there are many protected rare animals such as monkeys, wild buffalo, peacocks,leopard, cat mangroves, turtles timeless, olive ridley, hawksbill, and green turtles are found around the months January to September.

Coastal location is about 86 kilometers from the town of Banyuwangi,can be reached from Banyuwangi city as far as 59 kilometers toward Kalipahit then headed to Pasaranyar as far as three kilometers.from Pasaranyar headed then to Pancur Trianggulasi far as far as 24 kilometers Plengkung.Or from Banyuwangi city through Grajakan Benculuk headed as far as 53 kilometers and then forwarded by using the speedboat to Plengkung by sea.If the sea is friendly, can be reached from Benoa, Bali uses jetfoil


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