In addition to snorkeling and diving in Raja Ampat, try to Bunaken.Bunaken occupy the 10 most popular dive sites in the world.Bunaken marine park belonging to the park's most beautiful underwater world.virgin coral reefs and white sand beaches that lie on a crystal-clear beads.
With a 20 point dives (dive spot) with varying depth of up to 1344 meters.12 point dive in the Bunaken Island line from southeast to northwest. 

There are underwater great walls that stand vertically and curved upward.with large sponges and beautiful hard corals, and countless Critter very admirable.

Bunaken Island area of 8.08 km2 in the Gulf is part of the city of Manado Manado, North Sulawesi provincial capital.to reach it from Port Marina, Manado. Could hire a tour boat, The journey time for about one hour.Ships with a capacity of 15 people is equipped with a float, seat, and two glass-shaped coral reef aquarium to view and ornamental fish from the boat.

Diving Spot

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